Police Body Cameras Pros And Cons

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Veronica Gregory Mr. Greenwell COMII02 10/13/16 Police Body Cameras: The Worn Truth Driving along the freeway from church. You suddenly see flashing lights through your rear view mirror.You keep driving only to find out that the lights that are flashing are for you to pull over. The officer steps out of his car with with his gun drawn. He approaches your car and you ask the question did I do something wrong officer? He never answers your question. You suddenly feel anxious, sweaty, and nervous because you just saw on the News that a man named Freddie Gray was shot and killed by police because his van was broke down on the side of the freeway. You ask the question officer did I do something wrong? And the officer says put your hands up. Your hands are up and your being compliant and the officer starts yelling and the next thing you hear is gunfire.Your family gets a call that you were killed…show more content…
Police should wear body cameras because they can improve the public view of police by showing the human side which can help to provide evidence when a person may not be able to, and it protects both parties which both are a vital part of policing. Police officers should be required to wear body cameras so that their use of force can be documented and judged. It's time to think about what measures can be put into place to hold all law enforcement accountable. As a person who has had two friends experience police brutality at the hands of the police it's time to enforce the wearing of the body cameras. Police in every state should agree on letting officers wear an on officer recording system, or body cams that are the size of a ink pen that can be attached to hats, helmets, or collars of their uniforms. It keeps track of the evidence at the scene, always surveys the actions of the officer and it would enhance the trust of the
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