Why Do Pro Athletes Get Paid Too Much

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Do pro athletes get paid too much Are pro athletes get paid over the top. ‘’They make over 10 times the amount of an average person’’(Stein dan). ‘’People work harder than most athletes juggling jobs, children, and lower wages , and stress that comes with it all’’. ( Jamel e.m. cummins)’’People that go out and fight for this country get paid way less then these athletes’’ (Elizabeth). On the other side these athletes dedicated their whole lives to their dream , and deserve making a pretty high payroll. ‘’They make over ten times the amount of an average person. Professional athletes only play sports and make more then the president. These athletes only have to work on one day of the week compared to the average person who works the whole…show more content…
All branches of the military don 't make more than just an average professional athlete. I am not saying soldiers should be paid millions but shouldn 't but that much underpaid to a athlete. These soldier risk their lives everyday and most of the time when they come back from duty still can 't find a job. As to these athletes who could only play for two years and be set for life. People have to work harder or just as hard as these professional athletes. ‘’The average person will have to juggle a job , and kids , and stress that will come with it all’’ (Jamel E.M. cummins). Athletes just have to play there sport without having to worry about much of anything. People that have a lot lower wages are working just as hard if not harder so they deserve to be paid more than what they are. I 'm not saying athletes should be paid same as average person but if we lowered their pay and gave some of that money to the people who deserve it. They don 't contribute the the society. ‘’People like teachers deserve more money than athletes because they contribute to our society’’ (Stein Dan). Wouldn 't it be better to spend the excess money on education or in the medical field. It just makes more sense to do that invest our money in helping the community and saving people 's lives than it does for us to invest it in entertainment . How much does that
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