Why Do Professional Athletes Get Paid?

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Why are people so worried about how much money a professional athlete makes? So many people are worried about how much money a professional athlete make, they say why doesn’t it go two someone in need or why don’t teachers make more money, they are teaching our future generation. Yes teachers may be teaching owner future, and yes there are servicemen putting their lives on the line, but these athletes aren’t regular athletes. Professional athletes have trained and sacrificed ever since they were little kids play youth sports to become who they are today. These athletes sacrifice their body’s day in and day out, they sacrifice time in the gym or on the field day in and day out instead of being with their families. A lot of people assume that athletes spend all their money on clothing, cars, and wasteful stuff, but that cannot be said for all athletes. “Professional athletes are paid to give audiences excitement” Jamal E.M. Cummins”, but sometimes this excitement comes at a price. Many athletes give money to charity and back to their community’s, some athletes even take time out of their busy day to go and visit sick children n hospitable.…show more content…
Athletes take the risk of getting injured not just for a couple of months but for the rest of their lives’, some athlete will not be able to afford the medication that they need in the future to cope with their injuries. Athletes are also held at a higher standard in the publics eye, they are being watch every second of every day whether it be by the general public or by the media. So Athletes sacrifice their own personal life to keep the public happy and keep kids encouraged to do the right

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