Why Do Professional Athletes Get Paid

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I don’t know why professional athletes get paid millions of dollars just to entertain all of their fans. There are plenty of other people that I think should be getting paid that much, such as people who save lives and help others. I do not think that is fair that the people that assist others don’t get that much of a salary while the football and basketball players are. If the player got injured while playing, that would be their fault because they know injuries are likely to occur. Athletes are not deserving of making the income they earn. While all these professional athletes are out playing their game, other people are trying to save others and trying to make a living.To me, it makes it seem like all the players are contingent on the money. Although these players work hard, I still don’t understand why they earn that much money because I think everyone works hard at what they are trying to accomplish. It wouldn’t matter on what just as long as they tried to get better. Some people may think that they should make a great amount of money because they can get injured in a very bad way and that salary can help them. People that do get hurt don’t play again because it was probably terrifying for them, and they should be glad that they made it out alive. My last reason is that those people that aim for the heads while playing football can have a…show more content…
The crowd is worried about what happened and tries to find out what will happen next. When the players get hurt, the nurse will try to help him, so he can get back to playing, but the nurse doesn’t get that much credit for what they do. All the players dispel to their bench. As the athletes get up, the crowd mettle him as they clap. I think they deserve a lot more than what they get right now instead of earning less than the players. They probably don’t think that it’s a big deal, but those who work in the medical field should earn that
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