Why Do Professional Athletes Overpaid

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Getting Paid Millions to Throw a Ball Into a Hoop? What do professional athletes really do for their “job”? Other than running around playing children’s games, such as shooting balls into baskets, hitting a ball back and forth, and running down a field. Although economics is the key to understanding why these athletes earn such enormous salaries, it still fails to explain why they actually deserve it. Professional athletes are overpaid because they do not provide society with an essential function that improves or strengthens our world, in comparison to other professionals such as medical doctors, lawyers, and teachers. These athletes are also getting paid millions of dollars for jobs that they only do for a certain number of games over the course of a few months, whereas other professions require long work hours over the course of an entire year. Professional athletes do not deserve to be paid millions of dollars for a job that they only do for a few months in a year and for a job that…show more content…
The average NFL career is 4 years, the average MLB career is 6 years, and the average NBA career is 5 years long. Professional athletes have very short careers and they only play for a few months in the year, whereas the average doctor career is 25 to 35 years long and the average police officer retires after working for 20 years or they get killed on duty. Police officers and doctors don’t get 3 to 5 months off like professional athletes and their careers are not 4 to 6 years long. So shouldn’t they be paid more than professional athletes? Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the highest paid athletes of 2015, with a salary of $300 million. Other people could work their entire lives but they still would not make the same amount of money that Floyd Mayweather makes by taking part in one UFC fight. Professional athletes make an abundant amount of money for people who have such short careers and only “work” for a few months a
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