Why Do Projects Fail

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Despite the amount of planning that goes into projects with the idea of it being successful, a significant number of projects fail anyway. Projects get finished late and more often than not, do not get completed at all. Even more often, projects do not deliver what they were intended to deliver. "The space shuttle, which had been the result of a massive project, once crashed on liftoff and once crashed on re-entry. Floors in new buildings crack and roofs leak.", a quote taken from 'Public Sector Management by David W. Wirick, clearly summarizes that with any projects many problems may arise. Dr. J. Davidson Frame came up with two main reasons why projects fail which are (1) a failure of estimation and (2) a failure of implementation. I believe that these two reasons sums up the many other reasons that account for the failure of projects.

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The biggest example of a failed project to date is the plan to create the world 's largest single civilian computer system linking all parts of the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. The project failed because of constantly changing specifications, technical challenges, clashes with suppliers and weak leadership. There are many reasons why projects fail and without thorough planning, anticipation of drawbacks and correct procedures the failure of projects can be avoided and in turn be a success.
There are many reasons to explain why projects fail. They include lack of user involvement, poor budgeting, scope creep, lack of quality, uncontrolled change, poor testing, unclear requirements and poor planning as well as many others. Although there is a magnitude of reasons why projects fail they can be avoided with careful planning and time management. As Bill Gates once said "Microsoft is always two years away from failure" which means that his projects are always tested effectively and drawbacks are anticipated so that in the event of a problem there is always an anticipated
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