Violent Role Playing Games 'Negative Impact On Teenagers' Lives

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Call of Duty. Battlefield. Counter Strike. These three names immediately trigger ideas such as violence and blood in people’s minds. Many believe that games with simulated violence are disrupting teenagers’ mentalities and behaviour. But, in reality, the case is quite the contrary. Violent role playing games have a positive impact on teenageres’ lives. This essay addresses the positive effects of role playing games with simulated violence on teeenagers today. Violent games hone players’ tactical minds. They relieve teenagers’ aggression while helping them make mature decisions. Role playing games with simulated violence are diverting for teenagers as they tactically sharpen them, relieve their aggression, and better their position of taking …show more content…

It turns out that violent video games tactically sharpen teenagers. In New York, high schools hold an end-of-the-year event, in which students shoot each other with just water pistols and use any other skills to their advantage. In his article, Guy Martin suggests that violent role playing games help teenagers develop acute tactical minds. Martin explains as such, “The idea was to use a cell phone to call Cohen’s landline, posing as Cohen’s teammate Dominic, using Dominic’s caller I.D. The call has been engineered … by a squad member with prodigious hacking skills” (1). This quote reveals that the teenagers are able to gingerly plan their moves while finding a way around barriers. The players had an ‘idea’ that was listed step by step for their next target. This shows that the players had tactically organized a plan in order to accomplish a task. The quote also says that the call had been engineered from a remote computer. This implies that they solved the problem of getting in touch with Cohen without letting him know that they are on the other end of the call. Thus, role-playing games with simulated violence do not harm a person mentally, but rather help the players

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