Why Do School Bus Drivers Use Carbon Monoxide Affect The Environment?

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The principal at Riverwood High School recently proposes that all school bus drivers shut off their bus engines while waiting for students to board buses in the school parking lot or whenever buses are parked for several minutes. As the bus drivers turn on the engine, whether while waiting for the students or delivering students from home to school and vice versa, several gasses are produced such as carbon dioxide (CO2) that are emitted from the vehicle into the atmosphere. As CO2 in the atmosphere increases, more heat is trap in the atmosphere which contribute to the climate change. In addition, carbon monoxide (CO) have contributed into polluting the atmosphere while the bus are idling. CO are a poisonous gas that are odorless and colorless. They…show more content…
Infants, children, and individuals with serious illnesses are defenseless to the impacts of CO. Lastly, nitrogen oxides (NOx) cause irritation to lung and debilitate the body 's protections against respiratory contaminations, such as pneumonia and flu. Moreover, they aid the arrangement of ozone layers and particulate matter. Turning off bus engines are beneficial to the environment and prevents major environmental problems. For instance, if the bus is idling, the bus exhaust will releases nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide into the air. These chemicals will travel into the air and rain down, creating acid rain. Not only will it helps the environment, turning the engine off will help save the cost of fuel and the school can use money for other school activities instead of bus fuel. Minimizing the school bus engine will affect the health being of students who board the bus. Especially during winter time, kids will get cold and parents will file complaints if their children get sick. In addition, the number of students boarding the bus will decrease if many children continue to get sick from no heater during the

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