Why Do School Uniforms Limit Freedom

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School uniforms are a tradition across the world that limits people freedom.School uniforms are uniforms that students have wear to school for many reasons. They are specify used for maintaining the schools dress code which is strict and has to been worn for appropriateness. School uniform aren 't just for kids, they are also for collage students and more like religious schools. Some schools now call school uniforms modern since they I have been around for centuries. The limitations for school uniforms are more strict then ever now just because they type of clothing that young kids or young adults are wearing today.
School uniforms limits students freedom of expressing themselves. All over the world students are required to wear a uniforms just to make the school look good or have a appropriate professional look. Not enough students has a chance to have a self image
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According to many websites stating about adulthood and the affect that brings it into the topic of school uniforms such as "Procon.org" which states " School uniforms may delay the transition into adulthood". Which some people would argue on, if you still taking orders from someone when your in the process of growing up, then you wouldn 't have a fair chance being independent in the adulthood. People would also argue on uniforms doesn 't have anything to do with students work and grades, etc.
Some people has more weakness then others because they are busy being stuck under someone 's wing. There are many requirements that leads to having to wear a uniform.Many people doesn 't go against it or protest about it. Usually trying to make uniforms go away forever wouldn 't be easy for anyone to do since uniforms has been around for many years. Everyone should have their choice when it comes down to uniforms and also everyone should be able to speak about how they feel about school uniforms , even if it 's positive or negative. It would be better if everyone that has something to say about
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