Why Do Soccer Athletes Choose Cleats

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Have you ever wondered why certain individuals choose to wear only a certain brand of apparel? Have you eve wondered why LeBron James only wears Nike products and Cristiano Ronaldo wears only Adidas products? Athletes often stick with one type of brand throughout their career. Soccer athletes are one of the most interesting samples to study on why they choose certain brands. For soccer players, it all comes down to what kind of cleats they wear. Soccer players’ uniforms match in every shape and color except their cleats. This is what makes an individual unique. It is all about what kind of shoe are you wearing. Nike and Adidas dominate the soccer cleat market. There are many factors that play into why soccer athletes choose cleats based on a certain brand. Nike soccer cleats and Adidas soccer cleats may seem to be almost identical products, but they differ tremendously…show more content…
The prices between the two different kind of cleats are not that dramatic and eye opening. This all depends how much you are willing to pay the “bang for your buck” as they say. On average, Nike soccer cleats costs fifteen to twenty dollars more than Adidas soccer cleats. For an example, when you are comparing Nike Tiempos and Adidas adiPures, the Tiempos cost around $165 when the adiPures are $150. If you are really concerned about the $15 difference between the cleats, then Adidas adiPures are your best option. Nike Premier is roughly $20 more expensive to buy than the Adidas Copa Mundial if you are looking for traditional or classic soccer cleats. The largest margin to be concerned about is the speed and lightweight oriented soccer cleats. The Nike Mercurial Vapor cleats are $250 and the Adidas F50 adiZero is $210. If you are looking for the best priced cleats, Adidas is the way to go. There is not a large margin between the two cleats, but it could be a deal breaker to

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