Playing Sports In High School Essay

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In life, people will experience different things that will have an influence on who they are as well as who they will become. These experiences are in direct correlation to future success. Some believe that most of these experiences are outside of one 's own control, such as where he was born, where he goes to school or even a financial situation. While this makes sense, there is one thing that is within one 's control that will greatly increase the likelihood of one 's achievements. Playing sports in high school has a positive impact on future success. Some may argue that playing sports in high school will take time away from academics. Sports can consume a lot of time and energy at the expense of school work and some feel that this can cost…show more content…
It is truly a beautiful thing because it can be thought of as a positive cycle. For instance, playing sports will provide the fundamental foundations of a good work ethic. If this good work ethic is demonstrated, it will build the character that will prevail in both the real world as well as on the playing field. According to a News Associate at CNBC, “Eight hundred twenty-one high-level executives were surveyed and we found that a whopping ninety percent of women sampled playing sports” (Hess). In all sports, players must show up to practices, workouts, and events on time. This teaches both good work ethic and responsibility because these individuals learn how to productively manage their time. Time management is an essential part of being successful. Exceptional athletes would rather be an hour early than a minute late. This greater supports the argument because down the road this could just as easily be a job interview and because of the habits that have been acculturated through playing sports, they will make a good impression and most likely beat out their competitor. Professional writer, researcher, and lecturer Michael Casey conducted two studies and concluded that “Past participation in high school sports helps youngsters develop a host of crucial skills which give them a leg up as they enter the work world and achieve success for decades afterward” (Casey). These crucial skills also include teamwork and
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