Why Do Sports Fans Go Too Far

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Do sports fans go too far?
By:Chase Koeller

Some fans get a little out of control because of a sports game, according to sportingintelligence.com, a man jumped from the sixth floor of a hotel because of a sports game. This shows that sports fans get overly aggressive about sports games and they care too much about them. Therefore, sports fans go too far and need to relax because many people get angry because of sports games and some people commit suicide over a loss from their favorite team.

Many people after a loss get very angry. People throw rocks at buildings and they smash storefronts. They also set fire to buildings as well, just because of sports games. This means that people get angry just because there favorite sports team loses a game. Sports fans need to calm down, they don’t realize what they are actually doing. Another reason sports fans need to stop is because police arrest them and throw them in jail. A town was getting angry because of a soccer game and the police fired rubber bullets, shot tear gas, and they arrested at least sixty people, and fifteen officers were injured.
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Some people have committed suicide because of a sports game. People commit suicide because there favorite sports team lossed a game. In England fans burned down the city and tried to overthrow the emperor because of a horse race a 30000 people died and in the 1992 NBA finals there was 10 million dollars in damages. People need to realize that there life is at stake. Another reason people do this is because it goes back to when people were in tribes. Psychologist say people do this is because people used to live in tribes, this taps into our ancient tribal instincts. When they lived in the tribes they would cheer for them and hope for them to win the war. So the people have a sense in cheering over excessively for their tribes, so that's why we do it today and people need to stop doing
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