Why Do States Have The Right To Oppose Refugees

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I believe that states should not have the right to oppose refugees, however; I agree that states should have a refugee committee, set up to actively monitor all refugees not only for this new group of Syrian refugees. In my opinion, states should not hold that much power; our country should run, as one. Not divided legally per state. Each state at present has a completely different constitution. Allowing each state to maintain a degree of sovereignty over its own structure of government. Apportioning states to adopt, preside new rules under their own Constitution is a frustrating, tiresome and a waste of taxpayer 's money. Not to discredit the ancestors, attributes and reasons for establishing state Constitutions, but moving to present day there is now a process called the Constitutional Amendments. Nevertheless, in a legal sense, all state constitutions are inferior to the United States Constitution and the final say on this controversial issue; ultimately, it will fall to the federal government.…show more content…
Furthermore, indicating to other countries that we have people willing to turn their backs on their countries and their people in desperate need besides exhibiting a clear sign of disrespect, weakness and no form of coalition within our government. Once we renege on our promise and willing to relocate and protect them from harm God forbid the United States will ever need to displace our citizens. Giving a completely new meaning to “you scratch my back, and we will scratch yours.” Compromising our citizen 's safety even more when traveling to or through Syria, in some measures the entire world, which is always
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