Why Do Strict Parents Be Strict

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Most of the parents raise their children in many different ways, and parents try to understand what their child 's biggest interest. Most of the times parents do not know how to raise their children in a better way, some parents may be too strict with their children, on the other hand, some parents would love to fulfil any wishes of their children. For my opinion, strict parents could teach children how to be discipline, reduce social risks, and children can be more independent and responsible. First of all, children who are under strict parents tend to be more discipline, compared to permissive parents. Usually strict parents will keep their children under control. Strict parenting style made children barely to be free, parents tend to…show more content…
Since globalisation, and moderation changing generation by generation there will be more problems occur in life. Strict parents can reduce their kids from alcohol, and cigarette addict too. As children getting older and start the teens life, many problems will appears, being strict may keep juvenile from risky behaviour. In the teen life parents should give their children many support and many suggestion as youngster are struggle a lot around this age. The more parents communicated with their children about social and moral consequences of sexual activity and drugs addiction, the less likely adolescents were engage in drugs and free sex. If children in non healthy social environment, juvenile can easily try drugs due to lack of knowledge from parents. Generally juvenile are dumb, because they only see things from one side which is they never thought that it can harm they physical, and mental

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