Why Do Student Athletes Get Paid

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Currently there are 460,000 student athletes in the U.S. according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Most of these student athletes along with many other people think that they should get paid money by the university that they are attending or by the NCAA for playing a sport for the college and making the college money in that sport. On the other hand, there are also people who think that these college/student athletes should not get paid for many reasons. Most reasons are because the athletes are already accepting scholarships, paying athletes takes away from the purity of game, and the universities should be treating the college athletes the same as their college peers within the school. College students should not get paid because they most likely are accepting scholarships, paying the athletes takes away from the purity of the game, and colleges should be treating the athletes the…show more content…
Student athletes should not get paid because the full-ride scholarships that usually pay for you to go to the university pays for your entire education at the university. Jason Whitlock wrote about college athletes not being paid on Gale Opposing Viewpoints. “We need to stress to them that the educational opportunity they have been afforded is more valuable than the ‘pocket money’ an Ed Martin can provide.” Also, if the player is good enough they could be drafted or go professionally to a pro team in whatever sport that they are decent in. Then again, if we pay these collegiate athletes while receiving scholarship money, “the NCAA admits that a ‘full scholarship’ does not cover the basic necessities for a student-athlete. The NCAA refuses to change its rules to allow schools to provide scholarships that equal costs” (NCPA). Most of those necessities are food, transportation, and living expenses (rent, clothes, and school
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