Why Do Students Become A Bystander?

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"About 49 percent of children grades 4-12 reported being bullied in the past year,"(bullyingstatstics.org). Students are bullied because they may look different or they act different. They may be overweight. Also according to www.verywell.com, students may be bullied for the following reasons. They may have few friends, maybe have physical features that stand out. A student may become a bully because they have problems at home. They may have been bullied before. Being the Bystander would be worse because you have to live with the guilt of not doing anything, know they should help but don 't, have to live with watching the bullying go on, and they are strong enough to intervene but don 't. To begin with, bystanders have to live with the guilt of not helping. This is so because I believe that if the victim of bullying commits suicide that blame falls on you. You did not help. The bystander did not help. According to Source 2, "Bystanders sit by and watch." Also, the bystander does not support the victim in any way. Those are just a few reasons why bystanders are worse than bullies. Additionally, the bystander does not stand up for the…show more content…
According to Source 4, "Bystanders will laugh at the bullying. They will also encourage the bully." According to Source 2, "You can be a helpful bystander by not participating." Bystanders cause more harm to the victim than the bully. If the bystander just sits and watches, that makes the victim feel unwanted. There are also consequences for bullying. It is prohibited in schools. This applies at any bus stop, field trip, or in any way under school supervision. If the parent thinks his/her child has been bullied, they need to report it immediately. Bullying is not tolerated. At Barboursville Middle School, The first offense is 1 day of suspension. The second offense is 10 days of suspension. Then the third offense is 10 days of expulsion (bd. Of

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