Why Do Students Become Homeless

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Every day is a test, a quiz, a project; a number that defines your intelligence. Believe it or not most students love to learn but stress overshadows that passion and leaves students with a false feeling of hatred for learning. So why do we understand the overrated ness of letter grades and still pour ourselves into them? As long as we can remember teachers and parents have stressed what seems to be an undeniable fact that A’s and B’s are good and achievable, if you’re trying.
Today alone 7,000 high school students have dropped out. That’s 1 student dropping out every 26 seconds adding up to 1.2 million dropouts in the U.S. this year. 38% of those students say it’s because of their poor grades. These people can become homeless and have a much more difficult life than most of us can imagine. Even if they are lucky enough to secure a job it will usually have a much lower pay than a graduate. Grades were intended to communicate a student’s knowledge, but it is perceived as black and white; bad grade, good grade. This translates to the student as either dumb or smart. Us
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By sending home a report card with a personalized description of a student’s proficiency in a subject. This has already started in Kentucky school districts by sending home a report card with grades and a report card with description. This has received a lot of positive attention by students and parents. All teachers know that all students are different making personalized report cards much more effective than the standard letters. The best way for students to better themselves is to have specific notes. We all have experienced when the teacher says the whole class should listen because they could have made the same mistake as another classmate. But we all look the other way because they couldn’t be talking about me. With a detailed description though we can’t just look the other

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