Why Students Cheat In School

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“Cheating is an improper action that is never allowed in school”, might be a phrase you hear your teacher say right before you take a final exam. Sometimes you might be irritated when your teacher catches a student cheating during an assignment and starts yelling at him for a good 20 minutes. Despite that, maybe you are curious in the reason why that student would cheat. Many students all around America cheat while taking tests for a variety of different reasons. The biggest reason why students cheat in school is because they are pressured by their guardians to do well. Some people think that the reason why students cheat during tests are because they are too lazy to actually do the work and because they think that everyone cheats even celebrities…show more content…
According to Alison Bell from Lexile Measure, she says “You begin to question not only your capabilities but how much you care.” Alison Bell has a good point, you can’t just force kids to take tests and be alright with it. They actually need to be motivated and that starts from home. “Some students cheat just for fun to see if they can get away with it, but most cheat because they do not have time to study and and are in time-crunch” says Christine Probett a managing professor at San Diego University. This shows how students cheat because they do not care about their grades. Their guardians or whoever they live with needs to help them be an educated person so that they could have a bright future. Finally, parents need to encourage their children to do the best they can in school so they could be a successful person and live the life they dreamed of when they grow up. Therefore, the main reason students cheat in school is because they are pressured by someone in their life to do well. If we don’t encourage students to try their best and not to cheat, then we will have no future scientists, engineers, doctors or any jobs that could make the world be a better place. As expressed, cheating is not helping students learn at all and parents need to step up and encourage them to do the best they can- no matter
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