Why Students Cheat Research Paper

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The students ethics in the digital age have changed the way students cheat in high schools and colleges, finding new creative techniques to cheat with new technology on homework, tests and quizzes which creates the false illusion that the students actually understands what the teacher is teaching. Students choose to cheat, not always because they are lazy, which most think is the only explanation for their action, but because of reasons like the lack of love for education, stress and pressure from teachers, parents and other students and the unfair way the schools system focuses more on test scores than learning. Parents and teachers are quick to blame the students when the students get caught cheating, but blaming the student entirely makes dismiss the possibility that the reason behind the action could lay somewhere else. The school system in The States focus more on the test scores than…show more content…
When multiple students cheat It creates a more comforting place to let other students, who would not have cheated otherwise to do it. It creates a bad habit of thinking cheating once in awhile is acceptable. With big pressures creates big desperation to perform well and with the tools they in a easy access, students sometimes chooses to finish their work the easiest way. Students that continually cheat will not have basic knowledge that could help the students in the future when trying to get employed or is working. The students don’t practice working hard and going through with their work, which can affect their work in the future. There is not a quick solution for the problem of cheating in high schools and colleges that can be solved by punishment. The school board needs to take action and prevent the problem from their roots and understand the students point of
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