Should Students Be Able To Choose Their Own Classes Essay

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Every day 20.3 million high schoolers go to school in America. These 20.3 million high schoolers do not get to choose their classes except for maybe one to two electives. These students should be able to choose their own classes. This would keep students in school and out of trouble that students our doing today, such as gangs, drugs, and alcohol. The reasons students should be able to choose their classes is because studies have shown that student focus, pay attention, and apply their knowledge to their lives. Also, all students have different interests in what they want to do when they grow-up. The first reason why students should be able to choose their classes is that they will want to come to school more; because they would be more interested in the topics they choose rather than the “default” classes. Having a student choose their topics would also make the student more engaged/ active in the classes. This…show more content…
The second reason why students should be able to pick their own classes is that every single student has a different mindset and are drawn to different things. An example of this is you won 't need some classes that you are forced to take for some jobs such as geometry. Students don 't need geometry for a lot of jobs unless you are going into the construction business as an employee which is only about 11,000 people so it is rare that you will need geometry later on in life, so what is the point in taking it. Also, when a high school student chooses high school classes they are most likely to choose classes that will help them later on life since they are almost to the point where they are about to go out to the real world. Finally, when students can apply their high school knowledge to a college class helping them succeed then that is a
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