Why Do Students Contribute To Misbehavior

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Behavior management assignment 4 Introduction Teachers face much of the misbehavior in their classrooms. True, students come to class with behavior issues and personal agendas. Some are likely to misbehavior and are difficult to deal with. A few may even enjoy trying to disrupt the class. But sometimes students misbehave cause of teachers, but not often. ( 2010,Linsin) This assignment is based on the instructional strategies that can use in order to avoid classroom misbehavior. There are lots of misbehavior students. It is very important to help them to correct their misbehavior. Every student is unique in their way, so I am ready to help a misbehavior student. Because each and every child is important for our life. If a student goes…show more content…
If this kind of misbehavior is faced, it’s better to leave the student alone without praising. Provide structure and routine; It is very important to give choices to misbehavior students. When giving the simple but meaningful work helps to improve their misbehavior. For example, a teacher can help student which book can read to do the assignment. Teachers can permit with whom the student could work and give more chance to finish the work. Sometimes misbehavior occurs because they stuck in a work. Teachers can tell the students how to ask for help to others without troubling others. Teachers can instruct the students to quest and go for other work and also students can have peer to work with. That would be easy for them to do their work. Interesting lessons; Students misbehave because the lesson is not interesting. So it is very important to make the lesson interesting. If the lesson is not interesting students feel bored to do their work and do not understand what they have to do. As a result, students start to misbehave in the class. For Minna Hassan PGDE example, teachers can plan the lesson more active and student-centered. And there should be…show more content…
It is not fun. I want to have some fun. This is what the 6 years old children say to their parents. This is the reality. So it is very important to make the lessons funny. There are different strategies of humor that can be used in the classroom. After doing something wrong or silly, laugh at yourself. Make different funny faces to have fun. And also can share jokes within the students. Can have funny hat day or can have some funny dress up day. Students can bring some funny stories to the class and can share with others and can draw funny pictures. Have high expectations; Most of the time teachers have expectations from the students. That is what teacher want from the students. It might be solving a problem, writing or reading at or above their grade. And also there are behavioral expectations. To make it effective, teachers can make some classroom rules to follow. It should be simple and do not have too many rules. And give students chance to suggest their rules. Teachers can have some rules like ‘rise your hand if you want to talk’. Use the strategies, one day will achieve the goal. “Prevention is better than

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