Why Do Students Drink Alcohol Essay

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College Students’ Exposure to Alcohol Drinking Drinking alcoholic beverages among college students is widely common nowadays in this generation. Several reasons can be recognized why students drink alcohol. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc, (2016), improving self-confidence, altering own identity (to adapt), curiosity, lack of parental advice, problems of daily living, running away from family dilemma, experiencing academic difficulty and other mental-related problems drive the teenagers to drink alcohol. Considering the reasons stated above, these can be some of the many ways how young people manage with their personal, emotional and social problems that they are experiencing.
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As stated, student’s performance in school such as examinations and quizzes drops as the student engages to frequent drinking of alcohol. It forbids the student to use the abilities of the brain when under the influence of alcohol. Because of that, studying, memorizing, familiarizing the lessons while the student is intoxicated cannot be performed. With this, if the student is not able to graduate college because of having very low grades, the chance of having a good job to earn good salary in the future is low compared to those who graduate with a degree. Because of frequent drinking of alcohol, the chance to graduate and become a degree holder will be gone. Moreover, frequent drinking has its other effects. Excessive intake of this beverage only promotes loss of control to someone’s body, which can cause unnecessary actions that possibly results to physical injury and damage to property. Moreover, this frequent drinking of alcohol can also affect the college student’s academic performance. Ultimately, risking one’s health due to this frequent drinking of alcohol is not good. Diseases that can affect the essential parts of the body such as the brain and the heart can occur with this kind of drinking

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