Eating Breakfast Essay

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Through the surveys that were sent out, it was established that 80% of grade 8s, 90% of grade 9s, 70% of grade 10s, 100% of grade 11s and 90% of grade 12s eat breakfast. Throughout the grades, it was shown that 13% of grade 8s, 63% of grade 9s, 33% of grade 10s, 50% of grade 11s and 47% of grade 12s consume breakfast that consists of a combination of grains, dairy, protein and fruit. Furthermore, it was discovered that a portion of grades 9-12 include protein in their diet while only a small fraction of grades 8 and 11 consume fruit. It was also found that the most common breakfast choice for grade 8, 9 and 10 was grains. Through this it can be deduced that a majority of the students at Thomas More College consume breakfast and therefore should have positive academic performances. However, a majority of the students do not have a balanced breakfast consisting of all food groups so this might have an effect on their performance.
Regarding the concentration of the pupils before first break, 37% of grade 8s, 50% of grade 9s, 22% of grade 10s, 40% of grade 11s and 58% of
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In grade 9, 50% said yes and 50% said no, in grade 10, 54% said yes whereas 46% said no. in grade 11, 20% said yes and 80% said no. in grade 12, 30% said yes and 70% said no. in asking this question, I didn’t intend to gain results on academic performance but rather provide insight and education to students. The general consensus was that students do not have the same breakfast every morning. In some cases routine for students is good and it provides stability. Linking back to the reasons why students skip breakfast for example the time factor. In consuming the same breakfast every day, there is no need to think of something different to eat but rather the standard, easy norm. However, change creates excitement as such and allows the student to get ‘excited’ as such about the day
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