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“Kids should be satisfied with the warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment”... Students shouldn’t be paid for good grades. They should be paid for what they 're good doing it. Students still have a lot to learn in life and no one wants their lack of learning fly away.This issue is important because students get lower grades than usual when it becomes that they lose the lack of studying. Since then these 3 major reasons, I’ve found to support this that students shouldn’t be paid are bad , is that getting rewarded for true achievement, 8% rise in college , and not getting the desired grades and anticipated money. Though money is a good thing,it could be bad sometimes.And this claim will truly help as if , students getting paid is a bad idea because they’ll only get motivated by the money, not learning as well, and getting dumber always moving up a grade. To begin with, students shouldn’t get paid for good grades. And to state this question , students shouldn’t be paid for true achievement. This information came from Cash for Grades, “ Students should only be rewarded for true achievement, not for simply going to school or taking a test.” Unfortunately, this leads to…show more content…
This information was found on Ginger Ninja- Good Grades, Are you willing to pay, “ About 30% in SAT and ACT scores while an 8% rise in college-bound students” This thought leads to college students getting brainless often at school. But some people going into college still, are still smart while the rest lost all their lack of learning.The effect of this is that if students decide to go to college or not, all the things they learn go to a waste. Even with the money they “earned” , along with the lost motivation that won’t help them anymore to get better. Accordingly, that 8% rise in college is a good idea, so students won’t get
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