Essay On Paying For Grades

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This student gets money for classes. If he gets A’s, he will receive $10, if he gets B’s, he receives $9, and so on. For example, he got B’s on his math test and got A’s on his science test. When he showed his test result to parents, he received $19. As a result, the money from parents increase student’s GPA. Sometimes parents of students pay for children’s grades. Accordingly, if their children get bad grades on all the tests, the students still could get good grades for the class. This issue is a highly controversial topic. Although paying for grades increases a student’s GPA, it actually gives students a negative consequence.
Paying for grades can cause increase of student’s GPA. Although Paying for their grades affects students in negative ways for their future. Being paid money for grades is wrong.
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They do not know how they can get good grades because they did nothing for the grade except being paid. It is a vicious circle for students. (transition) (intro) If students worked hard, their grades will be good. Yet if they are being paid for a grade, it is wasting parents money (Pay). If the paying is just for the makeshift, it is wasting money. The money that parents paid could used for their children’s future.

(Introduction)(Intro) If students work hard in school, they can earn a reward for future, but if they being paid for grade, they earn reward at school but not in future (Good). Again, paying for grades is makeshift for the class grade and it is not for your long period life. To make students success in the future, paying for grade is not good idea. (transition) (intro) Students have to think about their future and choose whetherweather being paid for grades or not (Good). The students should be independent. Think about the future and wonder if being paid really is the best way to get good
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