Why Do Students Use Sats

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The clock is ticking. The small sounds around you are getting stronger and stronger and the tiniest things are distracting you. You are sweating, desperately trying to finish a question. You have butterflies in your stomach. Everything around suddenly disappears and you are overcome with stress. You come out of the test feeling dejected and depressed, and wanting to retake the test. That is what the SATs can do to you. The SATs are not accurate because it causes so much stress for the students. Also, having a test-required policy limits the amount of students in the applicant pools of colleges and universities. Therefore, we should stop using the SATs as a big part of college admission. Has anyone here just bombed and did really bad on a test because they were sick, or they had a concert the night before and couldn’t study, or they were just feeling stressed out and unable to focus? I know from my experiences that everyone would have experienced something like this throughout their academic years. This leads you to believe that Standardized tests, like the SAT, are not accurate and are bad indicators of a student’s future success in academics. The SATs evaluate the student’s performance on one specific day and not throughout their whole…show more content…
Since then, there was a 13% increase in applications and ¼ of their applicants chose not to include their test score, and even so, the GPA of all these students stayed the same as the previous year. Since the levels of the student’s and their GPAs were the same as the year before, schools with no test-optional features have limited applicant pools and risk the chance of having potentially strong students in their
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