Why Do Students Use Standardized Tests Succeed In College?

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We are in a time where people are not judged for who they are or what they can do, instead they are judged by a test; a test in which irrelevant information is regurgitated. It also seems that these tests supposedly determine one’s success in college or in the future. It is almost impossible to predict human behavior since it’s subject to change, so why are students told based on the results of a test, whether they will or will not succeed in college and/or to what degree? Over 650 million tests are given throughout the US every year. It is a waste of time and one’s potential. Kohn (2012) believed that time spent on a test, was time not spent helping students become critical, creative, curious learners. Standardized tests are not as credible…show more content…
Standardized tests have been around for hundred of years. These include tests like the SAT and GRE, which are biased. A major issue with these tests is the fact that the distributors are making millions a year, even though these tests don’t measure a student’s capabilities. A PBS (2002) article states that figures went from $7million in 1955 to $263 million in 1997. A Big Think (2011) article stated “The trick for educators, colleges, and individuals is remembering that test scores are merely one (imperfect) indicator of how you stack up against the crowd, not an assessment of any your future potential” (p. 1). A test should not be a success indicator. I have learned that human behavior is unpredictable, so we cannot assume a number will determine a student 's success. Claude Steele (2012), Psychologist, pointed out that the SAT only measures about 18 percent of the things that it takes to do well in school. The SAT doesn’t effectively measure the elements which have been learned throughout high school; instead it seems to test how well of a test taker people are. Another problem with standardized tests is that may be discriminatory. There is statistical evidence showing standardized tests are not a sufficient indicator of a student 's knowledge (Wade, 2012). In an article written by Big Think (2011), experts state that after enough practice, one can recognize patterns. In the chart located below, it can be seen that test…show more content…
What is the solution to standardized testing?. My personal solution would be to use alternative predictors for students to eliminate the economic discrimination. Pollard (2002) wrote “Performance assessments...These types of assessments are far better than standardized or conventional tests at providing data about what students can do...” (p. 1). It seems clear that performance assessments are the best indicators of a student 's understanding. Standardized tests are always made by the a particular distributor, which doesn’t allow for other perspectives or circumstances to be taken into consideration, whereas performance assessments factor in unforeseeable circumstances. (Educational Testing
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