Why Do Students Use Student Loans

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With many different situations occurring within the college, our emphasizes will be towards student loans that cause students to become helpless when faced with massive debts. As debts accumulate during and after graduation, having loans can be detrimental to one’s well-being. As a leading cause to many student debts, colleges expect students to carry a vast amount of cash to pay for tuition. Despite these claims, students do not even have the proper living standards to afford school and paying off rents. From this information, we would like college students to reflect on relying on student loans for college. Instead, students should save up their expenses to and improve their education to receive scholarships and pay off loans. To present the premonition associated with using credits and showing the amount students are affected by using student loans, we would like to see the number of student loan usage is in college. With the vast amount of students in UNLV, we decided to conduct a survey to different students to see how many students uses student loans. With the information presented from the students of UNLV, students loans are not of general concern to students here. Below is the listed information reported from an observation of 10 students:


1: Do you currently have a student
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In the survey, most students reported at least little to no student loans in their time in college. As opposed to other high-end universities like Harvard and Yale, tuition size can substantially change the amount a student can pay. By comparison, a 40,000 dollar tuition will be higher than an average of 5,000 tuitions. In this information alone, students going to public colleges will end up paying less debt than those with higher tuition. While it is not a discouragement to avoid higher costing schools, it is important for students to remember their
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