Sugary Drinks Persuasive Speech

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Sugary drinks do immensely horrible things to your body. Do you want to know what they do?I can tell you the effects that are harmful to your body.We need to let people know what these sugary drinks can do with a warning label.The three reasons that I believe that sugary drinks need a label are The immense toll on your body, It's the number one cause of obesity, and the human body literally can not handle the amount of sugar we are putting in our bodys. If we put a label on soda it will warn them of all theses things and urge them to make a better choice. In the article”Your favorite drinks can wreck your body” it said that soda is literally a killer. I believe that this is true. Warning labels can inform people of the toll it costs to drink these sugary drinks. This would literally save multiple lives all over the world.
My first reason is that the toll that drinking these drinks takes on our body is immense.Drinking sugary drinks like soda is extremely harmful to the body. Just some of the things that drinking sugary drinks causes are obesity, heart attacks, mood swings, severe headaches and tiredness. These are just some of the affects. Drinking soda for long periods of time can lead to your liver becoming
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What does this do. IN the article it said that “It causes heart disease and diabetes.”. Both of these diseases can be seriously fatal. I'm sure how much 12 ounces of soda can do to you. Well, if you drink 12 ounces of soad you increase the chance of you having a heart attack by 30% a day. My final reason is that sugar is like a drug. As you know drugs activate certain parts of the human brain. Well, studies have shown that sugar activates those same parts of the brain and are actually more addicting than actual cocaine. This is a problem. If we had warning labels on soda we would be aware of the serious problems that it will cause for us in the near
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