Should Teenagers Follow Parental Advice

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Should Teenagers Follow Parental Advice Kids these days learn a lot of new things everyday and those new things can lead to different choices, those new things they learn are either from school or home and since they are kids they often get confused of what choices to make and will always get others opinion for that topic. When those small kids grow up they start making their own choices and i think they should make their own choices, but that doesn't mean that all choices you make are random. Always put some thought into it and then make that choice because sometimes Teens are right and sometimes parents are right, and the other way around too, teens can be wrong and so can parents. In my opinion i think Teenagers should make their own choices because of these three…show more content…
In my opinion i think Teenagers should make their own choices because of these three simple reasons. My first reason why i think they should follow their own advice is because of parental peer pressure, most kids are forced to listen to their parents or can't deny them. My second reason why i think teens should make their own decision is because of wrong decision, what i mean by this is that your parents aren't always right even if they think they are right and will make you listen to them . My third reason why i think teenagers should make their own choices is because some parents want you to live the life they couldn't live/wanted you to live. Not everyone in this world is perfect people have reason for doing their actions or giving advice, it mostly comes down to experiences. Your parents might not have had a good experience in the past which led them to warn you about them because they care about you. You might have different opinions based on your experiences. You can be right sometimes or your parents it all comes down to
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