The Importance Of Curfew

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When people, mainly teenagers, hear the word “curfew”, they tend to think of it as another unfair, party-pooping rule. Many people think that curfews are a good idea and these people tend to be grumpy, overprotective adults who have the “best interest at heart”. Curfews are unnecessary and a huge waste of time trying to enforce. Having a curfew at 10pm on weekdays, and midnight on weekends, especially for teenagers, is absolutely absurd. There shouldn’t be a curfew at all for teenagers because teenagers work, have social lives and/or activities they participate in, and government officials simply aren’t their parents.

Being a teenager means getting a feel for the world by growing up and becoming an adult. In order to survive in the world,
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When it all boils down, parents want what’s best for their kids, so they determine the decision. There are many parents that wouldn’t let their child go out late at night, however there are also very many parents that would because they want us to be happy as a young adult. The consent of the parent is what determines everything, so what is the need to enforce a law when we have our own “law enforcers” that make the final decision? A reason for having a curfew for teens is because there are concerns about them being out that late at night for safety reasons. Night time is very dangerous yes, but they’re going to have to face it on their own when they’re a young adult anyways. If teenagers show responsibility to their parents that they can go out at night and be safe, then there shouldn’t be a law to prevent them from doing so. If the teenager’s parents aren’t comfortable with them going out at night, then their parent will tell them not to do so. Parents are aware that kids are going to be kids so there is a chance that they’re going to sneak out if told no, but a curfew wouldn’t help.

Curfews are just another law that’s a waste of time trying to pass. How would a curfew be able to enforce teens staying inside? Are there going to be police knocking on every door or arresting every teenager that they see out? A curfew may sound like a good
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