Why Do Teens Commit Suicide Essay

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Fighting Suicide

Why do teens think it is a good idea to commit suicide? Reports say suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States according to AFSP and Mental Health America. Concludes U.S makes suicide cost $69 billion annually. Males make up 79% of all suicides yet, females are more prone to having suicidal thoughts. Notes from AFSP show that numerous adults between the age 45 to 54 end their lives. Many young adults between 15 to 24 end their lives. Suicide is a complicated problem for depressed teens. Half a million people comprehend of suicide but actually succeed in taking their lives which is the real tragedy these few years. Depression connects the thought of suicide to the brain.

There are several reasons why teens commit suicide. Due to bad beliefs, a bundle of them want to die on their own terms. More die because they think they are not popular, so they commit suicide for attention. According to “Mental
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Hotlines are phone or online chat interaction with a specialist. The specialist tells you why you should not commit suicide. According to “Crisis Text Line”, They both know when they are done talking when they think the victim is comfortable. The 24\7 hotline number is 1-800-273-82555. If they know someone that wants to commit suicide, tell an adult. The goal of those calls is to get them calm and feel safe. Therefore, hotlines have saved millions of lives.

There are millions of ways teens contemplate on getting help.
They can get help themselves by telling an adult. According to “Coloreado” Get any weapons away from them. Youth and adult handouts show how to keep them safe.Their are doctors for this situation such as therapists. Teen need at least nine hours of sleep. Having less sleep can trigger depression. People around them can talk to them Although things can look hopeless and bleak for desperate teens, there is

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