Why Do Tobacco Companies Blame For People's Actions

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Tobacco Companies Blamed For People’s Actions People remain responsible for smoking and should not blame tobacco companies for their own actions. People should take responsibility for their actions and should not blame tobacco companies because of what they did. Tobacco companies cannot tell people in society how many cigarettes people can smoke per day. People are responsible for themselves because tobacco companies cannot follow a person wherever they go to smoke. Tobacco companies only make the product and try to advertise it. They do not force people to buy anything people do not get punished if they do not buy a tobacco product. People in society choose to buy the products they have all control of buying because that is their money. A tobacco company takes too much blame for people’s actions with the use of tobacco. It is not the tobacco companies fault for peoples overusing tobacco products and using tobacco incorrectly. When people buy tobacco products they should how to use and know when they are using the product too much. Tobacco companies do not teach you how to use the product they would think that person would know how to use the tobacco product already. If that person does not know how to use that product you should not use it. Tobacco companies warn you in the…show more content…
Most of the time it is not the advertisement of tobacco it is the people that the teenagers are hanging out with or seeing somebody using a tobacco product. Teenagers would try to fit in a group so they would smoke because everybody in that group is smoking. They do not want to be left out or get made fun of if they do not smoke. Most of teenagers smoke so they look cool because they think people will respect them. Also teenagers use a tobacco product if they saw their parents using it because they would think that it is okay to use because their parents are smoking

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