Why Do Troops Capture Kokoda

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Our brave troops capture Kokoda, yet again! Throughout this dreadful war, the Japanese have been brutal, killing machines who have slaughtered or seized anyone who is in the way of their path to success with no questions or second guessing. It is completely unbelievable how horrendous these people can be. Our hard working, brave soldiers have fought endlessly to protect not only us and our country, but also the land and people of New Guinea. The Japanese invaded New Guinea through a coastal village called Gona somewhere between the 21st and 24th of July. They came with the intention of capturing Port Moresby so they could use their airstrip to fly planes to Australia and capture them. As there was nothing protecting Port Moresby from Australia, the soldiers had to cut the Japs off and stop them from capturing Port Moresby. To do this, they went onto the Kokoda Track (a route connecting Gona and Port Moresby) as they knew the Japanese would use it as an entrance into Port Moresby. Eventually, our brave Aussie heroes met their enemy on the foothills of the Kokoda Track and started a great battle in which they fought in the worst possible conditions. The foothills of the Kokoda Track have a terrain thick in forestation and due to the constant raining, the soldiers sometimes fought in knee high mud which…show more content…
Australians fought hand in hand during times of hardship, especially, when they were out-numbered and didn't have enough weaponry. For the past 3 months the control of Kokoda has gone back and forth but with our fighting squad, everyone's sure that this fight was made for us to win. A good example of our brave people is the 39th Battalion as they weren't trained to be overseas fighters but they still went to New Guinea even after they were told to, “bring their tennis
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