Why Do Vaccinations Cause Autism?

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Getting the Shot, Not the Disease The first vaccine was presented in 1796 and since then continue to advance medicine and benefit patients. Through countless hours of research doctors have been able to construct different solutions to strengthen human immunity. Strengthening immunity among all people will reduce the amount of illnesses, and reducing the illnesses will decrease the mortality rate. Due to vaccinations promoting better immunity that significantly helps fight infection, it benefits patients that are at risk of diseases and helps prevent the spread of infection. Vaccinations are one of the biggest advancements in Medicine today. For example, polio had spread across the United States in the 1950’s claiming thousands of lives a …show more content…

Alice Park, a writer/reported for TIME, explained, “A 9-year-old Georgia girl with a preexisting cellular disease had been made worse by inoculations she had received as an infant, which "significantly aggravated" the condition, resulting in a brain disorder with autism-like symptoms” (Park). This young girl previously had a cellular disorder, which makes her more vulnerable to acquiring some other diseases. The attempt to make her immunity stronger failed; however, she did not get autism. It just unfortunately made her disease more prominent to where autism-like symptoms occurred. There is a risk to putting anything foreign in one 's body, but the risk often pays off with more patient benefitting then getting worse. Along with autism many thought that vaccines caused cancer. Paul Offit, and American Pediatrician who specializes in vaccines, looked into an experiment and explained,“Eight years after the tainted vaccines had been given, the cancer incidence was the same in both groups” (97). This experiment confirms that there is once again little to no proof that these vaccines cause life changing disorders. One of the groups were exposed to the vaccine and one was not, the number comparison was the same so ultimately vaccines do not cause harm. Some vaccines do contain the live virus so it is possible to get the sickness but it is very rare. Most of these controversies are misconceptions. For example, the influenza vaccination is often mistaken to be able to cause someone to get the flu; however, this is not a live vaccine so that is not even possible. They must obtain the flu before they get the vaccine. Since many of the negative thoughts of vaccines are misconceptions many doctors recommend their patients get vaccines, especially their patients with weaker immune systems. Groups of people

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