Why Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

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Vaccines & Autism: A Popular Myth Vaccines are a convenient way to prevent diseases that once carried high fatality rates. Many people have received a vaccination at one point or another in their life and went forward with their lives without a second thought about the invisible armor that tiny little needle stick just gave them. However, some people have opted out of vaccinations for themselves and often times their children as well due to misplaced fear of the supposed potential dangers of vaccinations. Any person who is unvaccinated is essentially defenseless against those high fatality diseases mentioned above. One of the main concerns that is prompting something known as “The Anti-Vaxx Movement,” is the fear that a mental disorder known…show more content…
The CDC is a federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services and is considered the national public health institute of the United States. The CDC’s official statement is that, “Studies have shown that there is no link between receiving vaccines and developing ASD.” They have done various studies to prove their point, like in 2013 when they conducted a study where they watched the number of antigens, the substance in vaccines that causes the body’s immune system to produce antibodies to fight disease. The study focused on the antigens produced from the vaccinations that are routinely given during the first two years of a child’s life. The results were that the same number of antigens were found in a child with ASD and a child without ASD. This shows that while both of the children’s bodies responded the same to vaccination, only one child had ASD after vaccination, making it extremely unlikely that the vaccine was the cause of the…show more content…
In 1998, Andrew Wakefield, a gastroenterologist published a paper claiming that there were eight children who first displayed signs of ASD within a month following their MMR vaccination. He said that all of the children had gastrointestinal symptoms that were revealed via endoscopy. It was his belief that the MMR vaccine had caused intestinal inflammation that caused peptides to move into the bloodstream where they traveled to the brain and affected development. He did not take into consideration the need to use control subjects, or that in several ASD cases the subject did not have gastrointestinal symptoms or that MMR does not cause inflammation of the intestines. He also failed to collect data systematically or completely. There has also never been any evidence supporting his claim of peptides traveling from intestine to brain. Several studies have disproved the relation between MMR vaccines and ASD. Wakefield lost his medical license after it was determined that, “His research was unethically financed and ‘fraudulent‘ by The British Medical Journal. Westfield has become one of the most reviled doctors of all time, blamed for starting a panic causing childhood diseases that were thought to be eradicated to reemerge and take young lives. His “research” has caused people to second guess vaccinations, making them think that

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