Why Do Vampires Exist In Society

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Vampires: The Truth about Their Existence and Survival in the Modern World
The modern media industry vastly overuses the story of a mysterious, hooded figure attacking a helpless young woman, dramatically biting her neck as she cries into the night. Any regular media consumer cannot go to a bookstore or flip through the channels on a television without seeing a story similar to this. The story of a bloodsucking vampire has intrigued people from all over the world for centuries; however, what most of these people do not know is that the stories of vampires exist for more reasons than just entertainment. Vampires are a real group of individuals who reside all over the world even today. Despite the persistence of incredulous critics, vampires do exist as proved by human interactions, unexplainable deaths, and their culture presence.
Vampires are humans contaminated with the vampire virus, more than likely contracted through the biting of another vampire or the biting of a vampire bat. People usually see them as evil beasts who attack innocent victims, but this is not necessarily true. Though vampires do require live human blood in order to survive, they, for the most part, have no malicious
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Many people from all over the world have met vampires and can vouch for their existence. Some of these encounters had less than favorable results, including the suspicious deaths that resembled vampire attacks. Finally, the vampire’s presence in independent cultures from all around the world is hard to dispute, and to suggest vampires do not exist because of a lack of scientific proof is insulting to these cultures and an arrogant mindset. To many, the stories of bloodsucking vampires are frightening but entertaining. However, society should stop viewing vampires as just stories; the evidence prominently suggests that these creatures are

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