Why Do Video Games Corrupt A Child's Mind?

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Video Game Killers BANG BANG BANG, those are the sounds you hear coming from your child’s room. You play it off as nothing, or as they just got a new game. What if playing video games actually corrupt a child’s innocent mind? 90% of Students play video games, among that 90%, 85% or more play with guns or violence. This could be ruining their minds as we know. Although it’s true that some video games don’t have Violence, the majority of games do and the producers of those games know it, that’s why they keep making more because they are selling to children and some adults. Video games could corrupt a child’s mind, distract them from reality, and how to be violent towards other people and things. I get that video games can be fun from experience, but why must video games have to become so violent form people to want and play them?…show more content…
What if we are leading are kids right into a trap for the rest of their lives. Video games could be slowly training their minds to do fowl things. For example, most video games that were produced in the year 2013 to 2018 have gun violence or strong profanity, other than games made for children or games rated for everyone. Yes it is true that video gane can be fun for a kid, and isn’t the only way for them to hear and see violence and profanity, but it is one of the most efficient ways. My reasoning behind this would be video games can be accessed by one click of a button, and that click could be ruining your child’s
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