Why Do Video Games Promote Violence Behavior?

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Many people say that video games promote violence behaviour in adolescence as they get addicted to such games. Many adolescents spend their convenient time playing video games as they find it interesting. However, video games should not be played by teenagers as it distruct 's one’s emotional well-being, social skills and their physical health. Video Games can lead to the ruins of one’s emotional well-being. Firstly, aggression can be developed by adolescents who play video games excessively. When teenagers become addicted to video games, and their parents try to refrain them to play video games, they get angry which results in aggression. With such aggression, it is possible that the individual can harm themselves or others surrounding. Secondly, teengers who play video games very intensely, they get into a great depression when they lose in a game. Depression…show more content…
Addiction of video games can have many physical effects on an individual and can impact their long term health too. When a teenager spends most of their time sitting in front of a computer or television while playing video games, it can be harmful for their eyes and they can get migraines as well due to intense concentration or eye strain. In addition, teenagers will be eating unhealthy snacks while playing video games which can lead to poor health and obesity. Obesity may lead to high blood pressure which can be very harmful at that age and they can even get a heart disease. Moreover, the individual can have dark circles around the eyes and muscle stiffness due to lack of exercise or sitting in the same posture for long hours. Adolescents who get addicted to video games may refuse food or do not sleep for long hours which eventually can lead to sleeping disorder or diet related health issues. Therefore, teenagers should not play video games as it effects badly on their physical

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