Why Do Violent Video Games Affect People's Behavior?

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Violent video games are some of the most played highly rated and played games in the gaming industry. Violent video games are also some of the most controversial types of video games, many people blame these types of video games for aggressive behavior. There have been many studies about how violent video games affect people's mood and behavior, and many people from the president to many scientists who think that the games will make a young mind become much more aggressive than their mind was originally. However there have also been many studies that have gone to prove this theory wrong, which ever one might be right or wrong there are many benefits that these people should not deny. The effects of many of these game are mostly positive in there benefits to the young and old…show more content…
Some of these choices are for the best or the worst it will always depend on how someone wants to play the game. The way these video games also reduce stress is that they allow the player to take all of their anger and hate and put it into the video game making it so the player is no longer how they were at the beginning of the game. For example if a kid that was about ready to punch someone in the face starts to play a violent video game like Fallout or GTA the kid might be able to reduce the amount of anger that he had kept within. However the main controversy with violent video games is that games like these are also causing the players to become much more aggressive in there daily lives. These people think that the violent video game industry is what is causing many kids to do outrageous things like school shooting or starting random fights over a simple thing like a name, whilst these video game might have a slight effect on who this kids think it is so miniscule that the players wouldn't even
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