Why Do Violent Video Games Affect Teenagers

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Playing video games has become an integral part of the leisure time for teenagers of the modern world. With the advent of powerful gaming platforms, video game designers have pushed the boundaries of these consoles by creating games with graphics that some may find hard to distinguish from the real world. In the video game industry, violent video games are the most popular, especially among the teenagers (“Harvard Health Publications”, 2010”). Many oppose the idea of teenagers having easy access to video games that promote violence. This is due to the general notion that violent video games have a negative impact on the behavior patterns of a developing mind. Yet, recent studies have shown that violent video games effect young teenagers in many different ways, that can end leaving a positive impact on the behavior of the teenager in the long run. Violent video games have the potential of having a positive impact the behavior of teenagers because they act as a portal for…show more content…
As many would agree, stress is an integral part of every teenager’s life, whether is due to exams, assignments, or social reasons. Video games makes it possible for them to completely take their mind off their real world problems by offering deep story lines which devours the user into the virtual world. Teenage gamers use this virtual world to experience illusions of power and wealth, to explore and master what they may identify as exciting and lifelike environments, and to release anger or relieve stress (Greenberg, 2015). With violent video games, the gamers get an opportunity to let loose in these virtual worlds without having to worry or be troubled by the consequences of the damage being cost. Thus, violent video games provide these teenagers with the opportunity of releasing anger, relieving stress and helping them confront uneasy feelings such as being impotent and the fear of

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