Why Do Violent Video Games Cause Violence?

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Shootings happen all the time, and people love to use outrageous reasoning when trying to blame them on something. Politicians love to blame video games for these tragedies for being “too violent”. This has been a problem ever since mature rated video games were introduced to the world, and since videogames are still a relatively new form of media, everyone likes to blame video games instead of the real reason: the people playing these games. Although people might think violence is caused by videogames, people need to blame the real reason these shootings are happening, the person 's mental state they are in tempts them to perform these horrible actions. One reason for my argument is that video games have been produced long before the blame on them even started. These games are a relatively new form of media, but they are a form of art and are not meant to be taken as reality by anyone. For example, in shooter games, when you “kill” a…show more content…
Sure, they might have somewhat of a point, a point on the wrong subject, though. All these critics want to do is censor the video game industries with a barely thought out example to back them up, and if you fact check them nothing really comes up to prove they are right. While it may be true videogames are violent, it does not necessarily follow that they make people commit horrible acts of violence. The real reasoning for the past violent crimes was because of the person. Sure, they may have been playing violent video games before they did it, but that still does not mean it was the game’s fault in any way. It has and always will be what the person’s motive is and what mental state they were in before they conducted the act of violence. Lastly, with everything mentioned above, politicians might have an easier time finding a true reason as to why the individual was tempted to carry out these

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