Why Do Viruses Become So Deadly

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Organization & Development Cough, cough, dead. Viruses have been plaguing people for thousands of years. Over time, some viruses have been cured or have been eradicated. However, some viruses have only gotten stronger and deadlier. Influenza, Hantavirus, and the Marburg Virus are some of the deadliest diseases in the world, but they all work and kill differently. One of the reasons these diseases are so deadly is because they are all extremely dangerous, but spread in different ways. Although the Marburg Virus is the least likely to spread, it 's still extrememly dangerous. It is transmitted by a specific species of fruit bats when they come in contact with humans. It is also transmitted through bodily fluids, but this is less likely to spread…show more content…
All three of these viruses attack the body efficiently, but differently. All three viruses attack like vicious animals. Influenza is the simplest attacking virus. It works its way into your body through the respiratory system. From there, it binds to the cells in your lungs and releases its genetic information into the nucleus of the cell. After its information is in the nucleus, it controls the cell and produces viral material which aids the virus in its attack. The flu vaccine is only partially effective due to the fact that Influenza mutates and changes itself every year. This way the vaccine must change with it and can only aid partially. Hantavirus is a little different. Once the virus enters you your body tries to improve its immune system by creating inflammation. However, the disease affects your blood vessels and makes them leaky when inflammation occurs. From here, the liquid fills your air sacks in the lungs and causes short breathing. If the disease travels to the heart it can cause blood vessels all over the body to leak and make basic functions of the body difficult to do. The Marburg Virus enters the cell and destroys it from the inside out replacing its RNA with negative RNA which kills the cell. The RNA of a cell carries the instructions from DNA to proteins. When affected, the cell can 't perform its basic functions correctly and harms itself. It primarily targets liver, lymphoid organs, which protect the body from infection, and kidneys. If one does…show more content…
Viruses are not something to laugh about. They kill thousands of people every year and infect millions. While death is unlikely for many viruses, Influenza, Hantavirus, and the Marburg Virus are killing machines. They all have different symptoms that can spread the disease further and quicker. All of these diseases are very contagious. For example, we are having an epidemic of Influenza right now that just a week ago was not very wide-spread. Worst of all, these viruses attack the body in vicious ways that can render you useless for days. Although steps have been taken in preventing these diseases, they are still dangerous. Influenza, Hantavirus, and the Marburg Virus are some of the worst viruses ever and are extremely dangerous. They should be taken seriously and with

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