How Long You Have Gone Without Sleep Essay

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What is the longest you have gone without sleep? Sleep is a natural period of suspension that our body uses to recharge and restore itself on a daily basis. A study shows that you can last up to 11 days without sleep. Everyone has different habits of sleep but, according to scientists we all need at least eight hours of sleep. In this essay, I will discuss how much sleep we need, how sleeping and not sleeping affects us, how you can catch up on lost sleep. Everyone needs different amounts of sleep and it always varies from person to person. Newborns ranging from zero to three months old need at least 14-17 hours of sleep every night. Infants who are four to eleven months old need only 12-15 hours of sleep daily. Next, one to two-year-olds, toddlers, only need 11-14 hours of sleep each night. Preschoolers, three to five years old, need 10-13 hours of sleep every day. Then, six to thirteen-year-olds, school-age children, only need nine to eleven hours of sleep to function. Teens, 14-17 years old, only…show more content…
Some ways that can help are using a sleep schedule, even during the weekends. This will help your body adjust and at times you will not need to look at the time to know that it is sleep time. On weekends you can allow your body to wake up naturally with no alarm clocks, this will verify that you had enough sleep. Sleep on something comfortable, this will help you sleep easier than feel like you are sleeping on rocks. Stay away from using your electronics or drinking alcohol or caffeine. Using these tips your body will fall naturally into a sleep schedule.
In conclusion, sleeping is an important part of our life without it we could die. A study shows that we can spend 11 days without sleep but, with all the side effects you just read about do you think that it is reasonable to stay awake. One thing I found very interesting is that you can start getting hallucinations if you do not get enough
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