Why Do We Celebrate Columbus Day Essay

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Do you believe that we should celebrate Columbus Day as a national holiday? Do you believe he is a hero? or a Villain? Some people have different points of view when it comes to a question like this; sometimes, their opinion may reflect their religious beliefs or because of all the terrible acts against humanity in the New World. We also do have to remember that he did discover America; he started the Columbian Exchange,and brought many different values to this new world he just discovered. Even though I believe that he is a hero and we should celebrate him through a national holiday, I want to give you a chance to decide whether you think he is a hero or a Villain and choose if we should celebrate him as a national holiday.

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer and a cartographer who was chronologically tentative to be born before October 31,1451(no one really knows because of this time of error). He went on a voyage in 1492 using circumnavigation to avoid having to go
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Finally, we should celebrate Columbus Day because he brought value to America. When I say "value" I mean he made America worth something. Not money-wise but more livable through goods and services for citizens here in America. Basically the "west Indies" people lived off natural resources and made shelter from their surroundings. When Christopher Columbus arrived he made businesses for people who wanted to work, and he made trade markets for people who wanted to buy goods from the old world such as jewelry, jewels, spices, perfume, etc; only the wealthy bought such items. However, he did create "the service of slavery", due to the high death rate from the upper class, Without the upper class, he wouldn 't have been as wealthy, so he came up with an idea. His theory, relied on the assumption that most of the poor, who did not contribute or increase his bank account, would take care of the wealthy then maybe the wealthy wouldn 't be as sick; therefore, they would buy his goods
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