Why Do We Celebrate Columbus Day

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Culture Diversity: Recognition of Indigenous People Day "All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." Martin Buber Even though Christopher Columbus Day is an important day in the discovery of the Indigenous people in the Americas by Europeans, Columbus never actually set foot in the United States. Columbus never intended to travel to the Americas; he was unaware of his destination. For this reason, we should not celebrate Columbus Day in the United States. The myth that Columbus discovered a new world has led to Columbus Day promoting an inaccurate telling of the United States' history. Additionally, Celebration of Columbus Day deflects from the unfair and cruel humanitarian treatment of the Indigenous people during that period of history. If instead…show more content…
When Columbus initially set sail, he meant to chart a western sea route to Chain, India and the islands of Asia. During Columbus’ first voyage in 1942, the voyage took him to the Cuba and Hispaniola. During this trip, Columbus entered false records in the voyage logs of the Santa Maria. A History of the United States says, "He altered the records of the distance they had covered so the crew would not think they had gone too far from home" (53). When he returned to Spain, he left a crew of 40 settlers to establish a settlement in Hispaniola. Columbus' second voyage in 1943 he went back to Hispaniola; he arrived at the settlement that was abandoned and destroyed. In 1948, Columbus went on a third voyage to which led him to Trinidad and the South American. On his final journey in 1502, Columbus made it all the way to Panama. To this date, no documentation has proven Columbus ever-stepped foot on what we now know as the United States. In all his voyages, Columbus encountered different Indigenous people tribes that had established settlements on the land and beaches that he sailed
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