Why Do We Choose Our Identity

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There are many influences around us and our lives. Although it may not seem so, we choose and shape our own identity. we are able to let influences affect us, the way we act, and what we do. Our whole life revolves around influences from everyone we meet to everything we see, but we are the ones who choose to let it affect us or not. Everyone has an option to choose their own identity or to not choose your own identity. We have the opportunity to let the people around us influence us, and from there you can choose who you want to be. Sometimes, we may want to mask the identity that we have made, but we always have the option to make a new one. The quote, “The power of constant indoctrination, family, and community pressure and ingrained beliefs can make one continue to wear a piece of identity that doesn 't actually fit in with their authentic self,’” from the article, “Do You Choose Your Identity or…show more content…
For example, "genuine choice in our identity creation can exist when rather than viewing these influences as something imposed on us, or being ignorant to them, we embrace them as rich parts of our personal tapestries and decide in each moment how to use them, and even whether to use them or not." Therefore, we can choose who we really want to be; if we want to use certain part of our identity at a certain time, or wear a mask all the time, or release our inner selves all the time. The choice is ours to make. In conclusion, our identity is not chosen for us but it is chosen by us. We have the strength to choose what affects us and what doesn 't. Everyone can choose how they want to portray themselves and how they really are on the inside. Every moment we live, we are experiencing situations that affect our identity, but of course we chose to live that way therefore we choose our identity. Our identity is chosen by
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