Essay On John Locke On Government

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These few paragraphs will talk about why I chose John Locke and why people do not need a strong government to guide us through our life and tell us what is wrong and right. Firstly, i chose John Locke as the philosopher I agree with because John Locke says that people have a natural good human nature, but believes that selfish and greedy were also a part of human nature and needed a government to remind us of what is good and bad. Human nature is a unique characteristic that includes the way we feel, think or act. Human nature can also result in good or bad decisions that's we make. People are more tempted to do worse things than good things because I feel that it is much easier to do worse than good. For the government that chose that would best represent my ideas about humans would be a dictator government. I think this because when we get the right…show more content…
I feel that this was another way where we did not need a strong government to tell us what to do because part of our human nature is choosing right decisions. An example of this would be choosing between a gas car and an electric car. Scientist and engineers are finding many more ways to help out the environment by not polluting the air with carbon dioxide. This is a good human nature and an example of why we don't need a strong government because we are able to think about ways we can help to keep our earth from being polluted which is not what the government tells us to do but it's just our good instinct. Another example of why we don't need a strong government to tell us what to do is because in today's society, many people are starting to buy an electric car such as a Tesla. This is an example because we don't need the government to tell us what car to buy in order to help reduce the pollution on earth and also proves that humans do make right decisions which also does not need the help of the government to tell
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