Cause And Effect Essay On Nightmares

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Why do we experience nightmares? Although it is still unknown in the contemporary society on why it occurs, there are many possible theoretical causes that lead to nightmares: food before bed, sleep disorders, and emotional state and issues. Many people wonder why eating food before bed can lead to nightmares; however, eating food causes the brain to release an enormous amount of energy, which makes the brain more active. This leads people to have more dreams, which could eventually develop into nightmares. Sleep disorder is another cause of nightmare because people who are diagnosed with narcolepsy or sleep apnea tend to be occasionally fatigued or exhausted. Above all, the main theoretical possible cause of nightmares is the emotional state…show more content…
For example, “Being Chased, or Attacked”, where people are being chased or attacked mostly by other people or paranormal creatures, is a common nightmare that people frequently experience. This tends to occur because people are afraid of something in their daily lives such as abusive parents or a recently watched horror film. In addition, if one is trying to hide from these so called paranormal creatures, it implies that one is trying to conceal his or her real life issues. In order to overcome this kind of nightmare, there is a need for people who are currently experiencing it to recognize their actions within their dreams, and directly confront their conflicts instead of avoiding it. Another common nightmare people usually experience is “Being Trapped”. In this case, one is dreaming where they are trapped in absolute darkness, unable to move with no way of escaping. Similarly, there are cases where you are being buried alive or you are in a situation where you have lost the ability to breathe or scream. It often occurs to people who are suffering from claustrophobia - the fear of being locked or trapped

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