Why Do We Fear The Blind By Lydia Brown Analysis

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“It’s not what you say it’s how you say it” that’s how the saying goes right? This is true when talking to people in general. Most people think that people with disabilities are word sensitive which is not always the case. People go way too far when labeling what is and what is not acceptable. In all honesty I believe we all have a form of disability some may be more prominent then others and are just well hidden; so how would you feel if someone was labeling you? Do that make us any different from others? Nobody is perfect. Language in discussing disabilities we shouldn’t label them as “abnormal” I would take offense to being labeled that in the article “Differently Abled” by Lydia Brown. Brown speaks on the difference on being labeled and disabled and the word choice we use. The article “On Living with Depression and the Dangers of Our Culture of Silence” by Udoka Okafor. Udoka Okafor speak on the battle she had gone through as a teen. The article “Why Do We Fear the Blind” by Rosemary Mahoney; Mahoney speaks of the ignorance people have towards the blind. People with a disabilities are normal people with certain setbacks but that don’t make them abnormal. People…show more content…
The article “Why Do We Fear the Blind” by Mahoney she talks about the ignorance people have towards the blind. In the article Mahoney say she met a women at a party and she told her that she teaches the blind and the women responded “How do you talk to your students”. (Mahoney, p. 27) This is a common misconception just because someone is blind don’t mean they are unteachable. They have other senses that work perfectly fine. “They have variously been perceived as pitiable idiots incapable of learning.” (Mahoney, p. 28) No one wants to be pitied or label as an idiot just because they can’t see like the rest of us. This shouldn’t be barrier on which people say they can’t learn. I would feel incapable to do anything. I would feel like my self-esteem is being
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